Oris Regina Bond

Oris Regina Bond is a consultant, instructor, and advocate in substance use disorder and mental health education. As a former school substitute teacher and current adult instructor, Regina has an innate passion for enhancing the lives of children and adults. This book is the first in a series that helps children evaluate real-life scenarios to make positive choices. Inspired by her husband to appreciate nature, Regina wrote BUZZ the Premier Bee to pay tribute to her beloved late father, Chauncey Lee Hodge Sr. In the early development stages, her great aunt Oris Elizabeth Carter Cross, an educator and author, consistently cheered Regina on from the sidelines. Regina’s mother continues to encourage her to use her gifts and talents to be a blessing to others. After learning that one meaning of the word kaya is “wise child,” the town name Kayacomb was sealed in Regina’s heart. Regina lives in Ohio with her husband two sons.

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