Donte Woods-Spikes

Donte Woods-Spikes began working with youth in the Near Eastside of Columbus Ohio in 2011. His first youth project, A Talk With Our Sons consisted of youtube video interviews with young Black male youth and life experiences within the city. As the project gained recognition, Woods-Spikes was selected to give a TEDxColumbus Talk titled Young Black Men Not Left Out Again. Woods-Spikes also mentors young children. He created a documentary titled Donte & Day’Mariah, which highlighted his journey mentoring a young Black girl and the dynamics and benefits of cross gendered mentorship. Woods-Spikes worked at a community center then transitioned into the columbus city schools as a teachers aid for 3 years. 1 of those years taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic which inspired him to write his book So. Long. Unfinished Good-byes with the Children of COVID-19. His time is now devoted to professional development and contract work with schools to create diverse inclusive environments for all children.