The Confidence-Man (Paperback)

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In the same moment with his advent, he stepped aboard the favorite steamer Fid le, on the point of starting for New Orleans. Stared at, but unsaluted, with the air of one neither courting nor shunning regard, but evenly pursuing the path of duty, lead it through solitudes or cities, he held on his way along the lower deck until he chanced to come to a placard nigh the captain's office, offering a reward for the capture of a mysterious impostor, supposed to have recently arrived from the East; quite an original genius in his vocation, as would appear, though wherein his originality consisted was not clearly given; but what purported to be a careful description of his person followed.

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ISBN: 9798688022285
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2020
Pages: 330
Language: English