To Love and To Cheat (Paperback)

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Have you secretly cheated in your relationship? Have you been tempted to cheat? Well, you're not alone. This novel, To Love and To Cheat is a controversial twist on the "to love and to cherish" wedding vow and it exposes some of the triggers as to why some men and women cheat.Set in Denver, Colorado, thirty-five-year-old flight attendant, Holly Anderson resorts to a sacrilegious lifestyle, motivated by her dysfunctional twist on self-preservation-preferring commitment-free intimacy from many over the complication of love from one. Compelled to do the unthinkable even to her-trysts with married men who are already primed for extramarital events-Holly vows never to crash and burn into love again and thumbs her nose up at traditional relationships. The older and more established men, with whom she engages, gratefully pamper her with a lavish lifestyle as reciprocity for drama-free and endless passion.No sooner than you can say "drama-free," Holly goes berserk over the discovery of a deceitful plan. Handsome and very single Kevin Summerfield, one of Holly's most memorable suitors who is also secretly enamored with her, is discovered passing himself off as a married man in order to compete for her affections. What happens next after Kevin's foolish plot blows up in his face forever changes the lives of many in an unforgettable way.

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ISBN: 9798684132162
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English