Carlos Castaneda: The Most Powerful Don Juan's Teachings (Paperback)

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"Ever since we were born, others have told us that the world is a certain way, and of course we have no choice but to accept that the world is as others have told us it is. The child learns how he must perceive the world to be fully integrated. Step by step, he is made familiar with a description of the world which he learns to perceive, maintain and defend as "true reality". Reason causes men to forget that description is only a description, but before they come to understand it, they have trapped their essence in a cage from which they rarely emerge in life."

"We are trapped inside the bubble of perception and what we witness is a reflection of our view of the world, our description. We incessantly talk to ourselves about our world and it is thanks to this inner dialogue of ours that we preserve it, and whenever we continue to talk to each other about ourselves and our world, the world always remains as it should be. With this dialogue of ours we renew it, we breathe life into it, we shore it up. By stopping the internal dialogue, we break through the barrier that separates us from ourselves. Every time the inner dialogue is interrupted, the world as we know it collapses and completely extraordinary aspects of us emerge, as if until then they had been watched over by our words."

Carlos Castaneda.

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