Love Owl Wise Coloring Book (Paperback)

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Whoo loves coloring to relax? Get ready for hours of great relaxing creativity fun as you turn these fantasy fun and real owls into a spectacular masterpiece of your own. Bring these wise owls to life with brilliant colors to enhance their unique personalities. Each wonderful page will lead you to a happy mind-scaping adventure as you color create and unleash your inner child. De-stress as your artistic side shines through Feel the love felt from the artist as you read her poetic tributes and some inspirational quotes between each beautiful owl illustration. A perfect outlet for stress relief as you feel inspired and motivated by LOVE. An awesome gift for all ages; especially an Adult.

About the Author

Anne Shiever is a Published Author, Self-taught Designer, Illustrator, and Photographer who designs t-shirts, leggings, and jewelry, with her loving husband Zane for their family business of Anne's Collectibles & Gifts under the brand: A&Z Fun-time Designs! As a promise Anne made to her mother the night before her death; Anne promised she would continue to draw, write, and take photos using the talents God blessed her with. During the last eleven months of her mother's terminal illness Anne spent hours drawing Owl images and other images for her mother's approval between hospital stays, nursing home visits, and her full-time job in Corrections. Now she is sharing her passion of pencil sketching illustrations in the form of coloring pages in her newest adventure: Adult Coloring Books. She hopes you will enjoy these books and find the love she shares as she gives you a piece of her heart. Her son, Kevin Jr. has been an encouragement to finish the Owl books in honor of his grandma. Anne is known for her poetry as a poet in Kansas as well as other written work for various magazines along with her photography skills. Anne is an active member of the Kansas Author's Club & State Board Member of KAC. She has won numerous awards for her written and artistic abilities. She is a recognized Kansas Artist by the State of Kansas. She has many self-published books archived in the Spencer Library and Museum of Lawrence Kansas as a part of Kansas History. Anne loves to create new things. She has designed over 400 t-shirts she currently sells on Amazon together with her spouse under their brand. Anne is working on a series of four Owl Coloring Books, and may release some of her other illustrations later in 2018. Anne believes everyone needs a creative outlet to help relax and de-stress. Her quote for others, "Express Yourself! Be YOU. Life is YOURS to Create." You can connect with the artist via various social sites. Anne loves meeting new people and making friends, sharing stories, and inspiring others. Anne says, "My mom always said, "We need more love and understanding in the world." She was a very wise woman. I hope the memories of my mother live on through some of my work to bring positivity and motivation to others. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. I never knew how much my mother believed in me until she was gone. Now I draw every day. I know sharing is what mother would want me to do. Show some love everyone! Enjoy.

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ISBN: 9781981216154
ISBN-10: 1981216154
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 27th, 2017
Pages: 88
Language: English