Tales of Suspense and Intrigue!: The Ian Racalmuto Short Stories from Rot Gut Pulp (Paperback)

Tales of Suspense and Intrigue!: The Ian Racalmuto Short Stories from Rot Gut Pulp By Ct Liotta Cover Image
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Special Print Edition with Ink Drawings from Rot Gut Pulp

Get ready for excitement with Tales of Suspense and Intrigue: The Ian Racalmuto Short Stories from Rot Gut Pulp. This gripping young adult collection, from the bestselling author of No Good About Goodbye, features three pulse-pounding tales, filled with humor and thrills.

Follow Ian Racalmuto, a reluctant 14-year-old adventurer, as he faces unexpected challenges, family dynamics, and his own complex emotions - none of which he feels they should be.

In Relic of the Damned, join Ian and his brother on a globe-trotting quest sparked by an enigmatic antique ring, facing danger and intrigue from Algiers to Berlin.

Death in the City of Dreams catapults readers into Mumbai, where Ian confronts a mad bomber and a sinister plot threatening chaos. With time running out, Ian must save the city.

Curse of the Emerald Buddha finds Ian in Bangkok, where his family vacation turns treacherous. Guided by an unbreakable bond with his friend Noc, Ian embarks on an adventure involving art theft, dangerous syndicates, and a sacred treasure.

Tales of Suspense and Intrigue offers thrilling stories with unforgettable characters. Whether you're are at the beach, on a long commute, or waiting to have your teeth drilled at the dentist's office, let these stories transport you to a world of adventure and discovery. Immerse yourself in these extraordinary tales and let Tales of Suspense and Intrigue sweep you into realms of mystery, courage, and heart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781955394079
ISBN-10: 1955394075
Publisher: Rot Gut Pulp
Publication Date: January 17th, 2024
Pages: 188
Language: English