A Secret Guide to Fighting Elder Gods (Paperback)

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NEW WARRIORS IN AN ANCIENT FIGHT...The ongoing battle against the immortal Elder Gods enters the modern age. Magic, mayhem, and murder no longer reign in dusty books discovered in decrepit libraries. Today's monsters can be called by more than uncanny rituals in candlelit basements. Madness lurks on the internet and lives in the locker room. It breeds in the mall and ambushes its victims outside the club.But those who fight this vast evil have also moved into the modern age. Teenagers from every walk of life use whatever they can to defend our world. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. Sometimes...they give into the temptations of eldritch power.

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ISBN: 9781950701001
ISBN-10: 195070100X
Publisher: Pulse Publishing
Publication Date: April 24th, 2019
Pages: 268
Language: English