Infinity of Zeitgeist Doppelgängers (Paperback)

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By D'Ettut
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The 2 tomes, Infinity of Zeitgeist Doppelgangers and The Compleat OWL: The Forever Zeitgeist 1950-2050, have been created primarily for a reader-market who hasn't been born yet. Through the lens of satire they will read about the thoughts, beliefs and aspirations of those who lived in our 'Century of Insanity', 1950-2050. But current generations might also be interested in learning what all 'our' thoughts are 'now' according to the psychologist author.

Hubris, (individual and species) will take a back seat to enlightenment as ordinary characters wrestle with intuitive realisations of infinite cosmic evolution to 'perfect intelligence.'

It's also a literary phenomenon which places Australia, the little big country, in the global headlight. The two books, a combined sixteen hundred plus pages, are not created to just facilitate further thought and discussion but to galvanise real action to address obvious global social injustices and resource imbalances.

For readers alive in our current epoch, in this Century of Insanity, the target reader market is Baby Boomers; especially those who might be feeling guilty about the way civilisation has ended up under their watch.

Infinity of Zeitgeist Doppelgangers - Volume One

Here are four cosmic tales where names, time, places, characters, genders and plots are, in one sense, arbitrary. They are just shadows of the doppelg ngers that inhabit an infinite number of universes where chronology is meaningless.

Yet they share the constancy of the cosmic zeitgeist. In this case the Century of Insanity 1950-2050.

Alien Touch

The Vampire Club has tentacles around the world, holding key business and political members in a fatal lock. The mysterious, secretly held happenings of the Sydney 2000 Olympics are finally revealed.

Greenwars: The End of Mankind

Animal Farm for the 21st century. Animals are the sole survivors of Mankind's annihilation, and take over the remnants of human civilization. Anything can happen in an infinite cosmos.

Pie Square

Pie Square is the benign exploitation of youth through an addictive, technically sophisticated fast food chain ... Awareness is building of an invisible 'Cosmic unity'.

Coming of Age: Near End of the Beginning

In the 1960s-70s, young Adam struggles to find his place in contemporary society. He brings the self-help concept to fruition, experiences the rigours of capitalism and the responsibility of playing with nuclear power; all the while unknowingly monitored by a cosmic entity.

This literary phenomenon starts the Australian journey from 'good ideas' to Global leadership ... and far beyond

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Publication Date: November 2nd, 2022
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