Poison Prescriptions: Power Plant Medicine, Magic & Ritual (Hardcover)

Poison Prescriptions: Power Plant Medicine, Magic & Ritual By The Seed Sistas, SilvA (Illustrator) Cover Image
By The Seed Sistas, SilvA (Illustrator)
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Gorgeously illustrated grimoire of the witching herbs (including henbane, datura and belladonna) that calls for these to be re-incorporated into modern herbal medicine and contemporary magic.

Poison Prescriptions is a stunningly illustrated grimoire of some of the most notorious plants: henbane, datura, belladonna, among others. It is also a practical guide to plant magic, medicine and ritual, offering advice to professional and home herbalists, to those interested in forgotten lore and the old ways, and to all those who wish to reclaim control of their own wellbeing.

This book urges the resurrection of the ancient tradition of using these witching herbs in ritual and medicine. Now is the time to relink magic and medicine in the context of modern herbalism and contemporary witchcraft.

  • Safe ways of interacting with the witching herbs to usher in wellbeing and healing.
  • Practical activities ranging from meditations and folklore writing to wreath making and beer brewing.
  • Step-by-step instructions to creating the powerful witches' Flying Ointment and using it in ritual, sex magic and lucid dreaming.

    About the Author

    THE SEED SISTAS are Fiona Heckels and Kazz Goodweather. They are herbalists, eco-activists, speakers, modern plant folklorists, and the authors of The Sensory Herbal Handbook. Find out more at: seedsistas.co.uk

    SILVA DE MAJO is a ceramic artist and an illustrator who has embarked on a plant-led artistic journey to capture the essence of the witching herbs. 

    Praise For…

    “An important and informative book, based on the Seed Sistas’ many years of working with these enigmatic and sometimes controversial herbs. Here the plants become our teachers and guides on our journey toward spiritual regeneration, personal transformation and healing our relationship with the Earth. Thank you Seed Sistas; this comprehensive book really adds to my journey!” - Glennie Kindred, herbalist and author

    “The Seed Sistas are at it again, spreading the good word of the herb, gathering our gracious green allies and telling their stories so eloquently. I hope this new book travels far out into the world like a wild tenacious seed.” - Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author

    “This is a treasure of a book, full of gems and precious words of wisdom, delving deep into a dark subject and shining light on old practices and traditional knowledge. A textbook, a story book, a book for clinicians and the curious lay reader alike. Engrossing and engaging, with beautiful photographs and illustrations throughout, Poison Prescriptions is a feast for the eye as well as a source of important clinical information.” - Chanchal Cabrera, Chair of Botanical Medicine, Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

    “Plant medicines provide a vital tool to help us reconnect to each other and our wider nature. We need to get beyond our recent fear-driven narratives and remember just how healing and expansive our native plant allies are. This book is a great start to doing just that.” - Bruce Parry, TV presenter and indigenous rights advocate

    “The Seed Sistas’ commitment to seeds, plants and nature is a source of inspiration for us all. Read this amazing book and be informed and inspired. You will discover the magic and mystery of nature.” - Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist magazine and Founder of Schumacher College

    “A long overdue book for the current psychedelic era that reaches far back into our witchy European past. The Seed Sistas have once more brewed up a vital grimoire for those wishing to follow the poison path as a means of healing ourselves and our connection to nature.” - Dr David Luke, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Greenwich

    “The Seed Sistas bring the essence of earth, magic, mystery and wild beauty to life, weaving grounded wisdom, ancient folklore and practical learning between the pages of this book. They are safe and knowledgeable guides with which to explore the plant allies and their deepest secrets.” - Brigit Anna McNeill, forager, herbalist, wild plant medicine teacher

    “A true grimoire for working with the spirits of witchcraft, Poison Prescriptions provides an accessible introduction to a family of herbs beloved by the occult tradition.” - Julian Vayne, occultist, writer and psychonaut

    This special book is a little bit of magic, touching on the rediscovery of old ways of being and reintegrating medicine and ritual. - Neneh Cherry

    “This is the book we’ve all been waiting for; the gifts within are both profound and divine. Thank you, Seed Sistas, for your depth of knowledge, your belief, your power as healers and for guiding us to celebrate the opportunity to heal our relationship with nature.” - Ayana Iyi, The Black Widow, High Crone Warrior Priestess

    "Poison Prescriptions weaves a tapestry of enchantment, inviting the reader to establish relationships with plants. By reading this book, we gain clues to better health, ways of moving through life’s trials and a sense of the deep roots of herbal practices throughout all cultures." - Nikki Wyrd, editor of the Psychedelic Press Journal and Director of the Breaking Convention psychedelic conference

    "The Seed Sistas explore the use of plants that have the power to change consciousness in a very powerful way. Poison Prescriptions shows useful ways to spiritually connect with plant energies, and how the reader can safely work with Power Plants, including flying ointments. A useful addition to the serious practitioner’s bookshelf!" - Anna Franklin, author of The Hearth Witch’s Kitchen Herbal, The Hearth Witch’s Garden Herbal and Herb Craft

    "This glorious illustrated grimoire of ancient plant magic for the modern world is an essential addition to the shelves of latter-day witches and herbalists. . . . At once passionate and practical, Poison Prescriptions is packed with fascinating insights and suffused in the magic of nature." - LoveReading Review

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