The Metanoia Method: How the Brain, Body, and Bible Work Together (Paperback)

The Metanoia Method: How the Brain, Body, and Bible Work Together By Kent McKean, Heather McKean Cover Image
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Look around you. You've noticed it, right? The Christian community seems to be looking more and more like the world around us: grief, chronic illness, mental health challenges, broken marriages, addiction--aren't these supposed to be the things Jesus sets us free from? And yet, it doesn't seem to be working anymore, does it? Has the Gospel of Jesus somehow lost its' power? Absolutely not

Kent and Heather McKean served in the full-time ministry for over 15 years across the United States and abroad, which has provided a unique insight into some of the challenges facing members and leaders alike within the Christian churches. For years, Kent and Heather tried to ignore the growing discontent and disillusionment they witnessed in their congregations and within themselves until Heather found herself near death. After years of suffering from debilitating chronic illness, Heather used the methods described in this book to heal from all major health issues. She also experienced an unexpected but radical transformation in her faith and relationship with God. Kent witnessed his wife's incredible change and was inspired to dig deep into his limiting beliefs around himself and God, finding profound transformation in his own life. From that time on, they answered the call to share this information with the world.

Since 2013, Kent and Heather McKean have been on a journey of discovery. Through their personal work and work with hundreds of clients worldwide, the McKean's created the Metanoia Method(R) to help people understand God's intended connection between the brain, body, and Bible. The Greek word used for repentance in the Bible is metanoia, meaning "mind change." True biblical repentance (metanoia) requires a radical change of mind.

Using the latest research in brain science, psychoneuroimmunology, quantum psychology, and the mind/body connection, Kent and Heather show us how the Bible not only backs up the latest scientific findings but expands upon them. Mind-opening and life-altering, The Metanoia Method is sure to stir heart and soul. Now more than ever, we need to challenge the beliefs of our "brokenness" and step into faith and healing. Are you ready to change your mind?

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