New Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies (Paperback)

New Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies By Rick Baker, Kenneth Miller, Jackie Chan (Foreword by), Cynthia Rothrock (Afterword by), Vincent Lyn (Afterword by) Cover Image
By Rick Baker, Kenneth Miller, Jackie Chan (Foreword by), Cynthia Rothrock (Afterword by), Vincent Lyn (Afterword by)
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Extensively revised and expanded, The New Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies includes over 670 film reviews, a poster gallery, and a look at the key studios that made Hong Kong cinema so amazing, along with insights into the Hong Kong movie industry written by global superstar Jackie Chan and Hong Kong film stars Cynthia Rothrock, and Vincent Lyn.

Rick Baker and Ken Miller have curated a huge selection of reviews of kung fu and swordplay films, gangster flicks, crime dramas, action, horror, fantasy, erotic, and assorted Category III films, sharing their love for these distinctive, kinetic, and sometimes utterly bizarre Hong Kong genre productions with an infectious enthusiasm. 

About the Author

Rick Baker began publishing Eastern Heroes magazine in 1988 and, in 2020 launched Eastern Heroes Publishing, sharing his love for Hong Kong cinema with enthusiasts worldwide. Over the course of five years, from 1988 to 1993, Rick curated more than forty events at renowned venues (including London’s esteemed Scala Cinema), attracting special guests such as Hong Kong movie superstars Chow Yun-Fat, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gordon Liu, Maggie Cheung, Cynthia Rothrock and John Woo, among others.
He has been an adviser on the cult TV series The Incredibly Strange Picture Show, started the label Eastern Heroes Distribution which specializes in the release of Hong Kong movies on video and DVD, co-created the six-part TV series Stop! Kung Fu!, presented awards and was a panel guest at the 2022 Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival, in Times Square, NYC, and appears in the feature length, theatrically-released documentary Scala!!! or, The Incredibly Strange Rise and Fall of the World’s Wildest Cinema and How It Influenced a Mixed-Up Generation of Weirdos and Misfits, talking about the popular kung fu triple bill film shows he hosted at the venue.

Ken Miller is a contributor to Eastern Heroes magazine, and was the publisher of Imaginator magazine, which covered horror, fantasy, sci-fi, kung fu and action films, especially those from Hong Kong, as well as co-publisher of Film Extremes magazine. He was the co-creator of  the six-part BBC entertainment show Stop! Kung Fu! (2001), a series hosted by Jonathan Ross, featuring a delirious deluge of awesome kung fu movie clips.
He has consulted on the BBC documentary Asian Invasion (2006), and Japanorama (2002), and wrote the screenplay for Kill ‘Em All (2012), a martial arts action thriller starring Hong Kong movie royalty Gordon Liu as the kung fu-skilled villain.

Praise For…

“I know I’ll be consulting the new Guide as often as I have the previous edition—great to have all the material in one place.”—Kim Newman, author, journalist, film critic

“The book is massive! Congratulations! I hate Bruceploitation films, but I love to read about them in this truly essential guide!”—Jörg Buttgereit, writer/director

“God bless Rick and Ken for producing this new edition and sharing their love for the golden age of Hong Kong cinema with the rest of us!”—Brett Ratner, director, producer, and publisher

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Publication Date: February 13th, 2024
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