The Emperor's Woke Clothes and the Elite Wokes Effect (Hardcover)

The Emperor's Woke Clothes and the Elite Wokes Effect By Jamie Corbin, Dave Mowry (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jamie Corbin, Dave Mowry (Illustrator)
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"Once, many years ago;" how so many fairy tales begin. The Elite Woke Class parodied in the "Emperor's Woke Clothes and the Elite Wokes Effect" have tried to rewrite their utopian Marxist fairy tale over and over again for more than a century. But Marxist fairy tales never have a happy ending. Today's Wokes are at it again, the latest militia of Elitists amid their most ambitious power grab ever from the masses of declared simpletons.

For centuries Parodies and Satires have poked at the Elites and their misguided, hypocritical, and self-servicing crusades. Today, the Andrew Breitbart mantra, "politics is downstream from culture," is widely represented by the Marxist seeds grown from the 10 Pillars of Communism. These seeds of anti-American culture planted in the '60s counter-culture revolution have deeply infiltrated and are undermining our political and administrative states, religious institutions and spread across all segments of our society.

Through masking, manipulated enablement, and shameful cancelation, the Elite Wokes Effect has purposely fractured critical foundation elements of what has made our country so great; faith, family, human dignity, the rule of law, and public discussion. In the Emperor's Woke Clothes, the Emperor attempts to showcase falsehoods and misdirected untruths while hiding and masking himself and his Elite Woke Class's overindulgences and hypocrisies from the masses of simpletons. Today's Elite Class is doing the same with broad groups and masses of Woke individuals.

As in the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the "Emperor's New Clothes," a child speaks the truth when no one else is willing to raise their voice. The metaphor of "Emperor's Woke Clothes and the Elite Wokes Effect" is the truth of common sense. This truth is seen by and beginning to be voiced by the greater masses. Today, 10's of millions in our country both see and know the truth, are exposing more and more of the Elite Wokes lies, and together are raising our voices.

The horrible and misguided effects of so many liberal and Marxist policies are beginning to be laid out as bare as the "Emperor's Woke Clothes." Like prior attempts, the ending to this Elite Wokes fairy tale of control and power over the masses of sheep once again will fail. The Emperor and his Elite Wokes are fully exposed.

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ISBN: 9781647195311
ISBN-10: 1647195314
Publication Date: January 15th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English