King Leopold's Soliloquy: A Defense of his Congo Rule (Paperback)

King Leopold's Soliloquy: A Defense of his Congo Rule By Mark Twain Cover Image
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"I want to know, whether you consider the time is ripe for summoning King Leopold before the bar of an international tribunal to answer for the crimes perpetrated under his orders and in his interest in the Congo State?" -William Stead, Review of Reviews (1905)

King Leopold's Soliloquy-A Defense of his Congo Rule (1905), by Mark Twain is an imaginary speech by King Leopold II of Belgium (1835-1909), in which Leopold defends himself against the critics of his reign of the Congo Free State (present-day Democratic Republic of Congo.) During Leopold's reign of plunder, he extracted ivory and rubber from this country while abusing and killing reportedly millions of Congolese laborers. Although this history is not well known, it is returning to forefront of the 21st century public debate.

This replica of the original illustrated edition of King Leopold's Soliloquy offers a harsh indictment of Leopold and is a satirical and devastating read.

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