Demon Possession and the Believer in the Early Church (Paperback)

Demon Possession and the Believer in the Early Church By Timothy J. Kamps Cover Image
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In this world there is a proliferation of reality shows and movies that focus on the paranormal and the supernatural realm. The resurgence of interest in the supernatural appears to be pervading every area of life, including the religious. While some scholars dismiss the notion of demons and demonic possession, others readily acknowledge their reality. In particular, bible scholars, ministers, and counselors have a vested interest in this area. However, their professional opinions may differ greatly as to whether a Christian can be demon-possessed. A major reason for this impasse is the ongoing influence of the Age of Enlightenment. It represents an anti-supernatural worldview that denies the existence of the spiritual realm. Thus, in order to by-pass the influence of the Age of Enlightenment on modern day interpretation of demon possession, this study presents the records of the early Church Fathers from A.D. 100 to A. D. 500. Their original accounts are presented, critiqued, analyzed, and evaluated to determine what they communicated about demon possession and the Christian. What was uncovered not only has major ramifications for the Church today, but also informs the world at large about the reality of the spirit world. The author holds a B.A. degree in Bible and Theology from Crown Bible College, a M.A. degree in Missions from Columbia International University, and a Ph. D. degree in Religious Studies from Trinity College and Theological Seminary. Over the past twenty-one years he has served as a Christian high school teacher, Christian radio DJ, pastor, and a college professor. He and his wife of thirty-three years, Vicki, are the proud parents of six wonderful Christian sons.

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