Is the Bible Really the Law? (Hardcover)

Is the Bible Really the Law? By Jr. Smallwood, Judge Tennant M. Cover Image
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Does the Bible have laws that govern us on trespass, torts, duty, adoption, marriage, divorce, inheritance, contracts, redemption and witnesses? Why was trespass so important in the Bible and under the common law? Are covenants and contracts the same? What is the difference between legal, moral and spiritual duty? Does the law require us to pay for wrongs other commit? What does the Old Testament, Jesus and Paul say about divorce? Can we inherit from God? In the Bible property had to be redeemed and people in servitude had to be redeemed. What was Boas' redemption and marriage to Ruth important to Jesus?

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ISBN: 9781418471477
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Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: January 19th, 2005
Pages: 192
Language: English