The Gospel According to Nature (Paperback)

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Why isn't the sky purple? Why doesn't rain fall up? Why don't we have two moons? God literally made trillions upon trillions of decisions when He created the universe. Nothing that you see had to be the way it is. Though you cannot imagine it, He could have created a system that worked without gravity. He could have created life forms that didn't need water to survive. But, He didn't. Did God make all of His creative decisions on a whim? Or did He have a purpose? If so, what was that purpose? Author Zack Mason posits that His purpose was to communicate with men and women of all ages through natural symbols. That every part of nature is a symbolic word that can be added to others until entire sentences and even paragraphs can be interpreted, just as if nature were a foreign language. Join Zack on a journey of discovery as he attempts to decipher the code, to see if God did indeed write into nature a symbolic message - and what He might have to say.

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ISBN: 9780988652415
ISBN-10: 0988652412
Publisher: Dogwood Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2014
Pages: 464
Language: English