A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors (Paperback)

A Healing Path for Womb Twin Survivors By Althea Margaret Hayton Cover Image
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A self-help book for womb twin survivors, who are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy. Thirty steps to healing, including the background theory, practical steps and self-development exercises. Based on the findings of the Womb Twin Survivors research project headed by Althea Hayton. Derived from hundreds of interviews with womb twin survivors, a path to healing is documented in full detail, illustrated with real stories and case studies of womb twin survivors at various stages on their journey. Fully illustrated with tables, checklists and practical exercises. Includes specific advice and help for the sole survivors of either a monozygotic (identical) twin pair, or a dizygotic (fraternal) twin pair or a multiple pregnancy (triplets, quads or more.) Althea Hayton is a womb twin survivor herself and has walked the same path to healing and a new life.

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ISBN: 9780955780851
ISBN-10: 0955780853
Publisher: Wren Publications
Publication Date: November 27th, 2012
Pages: 298
Language: English