The Curse of Chalion (Compact Disc)

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This is book number 1 in the Curse of Chalion series.

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 Fans of Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, V.E. Schwab, Mercedes Lackey, etc...this is who you should read next! Bujold has won pretty much all the same awards as Martin and lived here in Bexley while she was doing it! Her writing has been favorably compared to George R.R. Martin enough that they have done interviews together. She also has a similar penchant for taking real world history and then placing it into fascinating fantasy settings. Her long list of sci-fi books fall a bit into the space opera genre, but with a touch more humor. The Curse of Chalion is book one of a fantasy series called World of Five Gods, with a full pantheon of gods and an interesting magic system. The series won the Hugo Award for Best Fantasy Series in 2018. Brilliant writing, with wit and depth as well as some great diversity of characters.  

   Cazaril was once a noble and a soldier, but was betrayed and sold into slavery. Upon returning to his homeland in rough shape mentally, emotionally, and physically, he begs for a job in the home of the grandmother of the current heir to the throne, where he grew up and had worked as a page in his youth. The Dowager remembers him fondly and hires him to tutor her granddaughter, the heir's sister Iselle, knowing his experience as a noble and a soldier could prove essential to the girl's training and her survival at court one day. Day by day he recovers, while braving this new and frightening role of mentor and tutor to a teenage girl whose life may be in significantly more danger than anyone realizes. Eventually Cazaril discovers there is a curse upon their family and he sets out to break it if he can. Friendship, loyalty, honor, love, intrigue, action, magic, curses, family secrets, interference from the gods and more from an incredibly talented former local author. 

— Jason


Lord Cazaril has been, in turn, courtier, castle-warder, and captain; now he is but a crippled ex-galley slave seeking nothing more than a menial job in the kitchens of the Dowager Provincara, the noble patroness of his youth. But Cazaril finds himself promoted to the exalted and dangerous position of tutor to Iselle, the beautiful, fiery sister of the heir to Chalion's throne. Amidst the decaying splendor and poisonous intrigue of Chalion's ancient capital, Cazaril is forced to confront not only powerful enemies but also the malignant curse that clings to the royal household, trapping him, flesh and soul, in a maze of demonic paradox, damnation, and death for as long as he dares walk the five-fold pathway of the gods.

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ISBN: 9780786186921
ISBN-10: 0786186925
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: July 1st, 2004
Language: English
Series: Curse of Chalion